RELATIONSHIPS are often centered on the WHAT of the other person. WHAT can they do for me? Let’s focus on the WHO.


MEDICINE as it is in any relationship, is the coming together of two people, one seeking help and the other offering it. Often, it becomes a “contract” – you do something for me and I will pay you (Actually my insurance company will pay you. Or if I don’t have any insurance, society will pay you).

My name is Dr. David H. Beyda, and I am the Division Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and serve as Chairman of the Bioethics Committee. At the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix I serve as Chair and Professor of the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanism, as well as Professor of Pediatrics. I simply share this to tell you a little about WHO I am and why I wrote two books: Covenant Medicine: BeingPresent When Present and Border Crossings: It’s not what we bring but what we leave behind.

Having practiced medicine for 38 years, I’ve found that we need a re-focus. I invite you to join me as I do so.

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Medicine’s art lays in the sound formation of a relationship between physician and patient. The greatest task physicians have to face is to decide who they are and what their relationship with their patient is going to be.






Medical Mercy

Our mission is to help The Forgotten Children reach their God-given potential by creating opportunities for spiritual, social, mental and emotional development, by ensuring that their physical well being is optimized. David H. Beyda, MD Medical Director, Medical Mercy.

Covenant Medicine

The Dealer never deals you anything that you can’t handle

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I didn’t see it coming.

I didn’t see it coming. The child was just a few years old, just learning to swim, and went under. He didn’t come up for 5 minutes when his mother jumped in and pulled him out. She had gone in to answer the phone and left him unattended. That is how it... read more